• ABS Restoration Services

Covid-19 Memorandum

We great you today hoping you are all in the best of health and safety. ABS Restoration Services is a family owned business rooted deep in the soil of San Diego. As a family run business we care most about our family and friends, and during such uncertain times we want to remind you that we are taking every precaution possible to ensure your safety. With that in mind we have educated and reviewed all protocols suggested by the CDC and have prepared for response when called into action.

We would also like to take this time to remind you that our technicians a fully trained and certified to treat and address the complications from exposure. ABS Restoration can provide Interior Sanitation Services to clean all horizontal surfaces, flooring, upholstery and furniture, air ducts as well as HVAC Filters. Please follow the link below for how to prep your home in the event of a local breakout. Please contact ABS Restoration Services to schedule an appointment today!

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